Hi Gertjan, it is not only about efficiency, it is also about trust. Probably more about trust than efficiency. Fineblanked parts are safety-critical, thus, this PoC is part of a secure audit trail, assuming the entire supply chain participates someday. Customers can rely on the manufactured parts, because their properties are known and shared. Additionally, this PoC is not exclusively about fineblanking. Our PoC doesn’t care about manufacturing technologies. You can apply it to any machine and store any machine data in the tangle you want. And still, as no part is identical, but needs to be finished individually to address the identical specs, in a machine economy, you can think of secondary machining steps that buy that information from initial machine, to make process more efficient.

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Co-Fdr. of senseering GmbH. Working w/ @rwth_wzl of @RWTH Aachen Univ twds the #InternetOfProduction. http://www.danieltrauth.com/

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